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Why You Should Be A Business Person (2)

Rev Sam maintained that you hobby is important. Its okay to start in a
line of your hobby. He said "You may also start out in a line of your
hobby. If you work in a bank, you may not start by owning a bank, but
along the line, you may have discovered some other interests. We have
seen many trained architects who turned to be successful preachers;
many trained engineers are making it big in the entertainment
industry. You too can turn your hobby into a channel of breakthrough."

You can start from providing five-star services. There are people
willing to pay for it. He explained "Looking at existing services
every day, there are things you need that are not available. You can
just locate those things to start with. In Nigeria, if you are willing
to provide better services, it is likely you will find some business
to do. If you are talking about quality service, this country has
fantastic opportunities. Until the new generation came into the scene
in Nigeria, the old gene…

Don't just perceive that idea,Write a Business plan Today!!!

A Business plan is a document that throughly explain a business idea
and how it will be carried out.
A business plan should define the intending business enterprise,
describe all costs and marketing plan, how the business will be
financed and managed and show the expected earnings to be accrued.
A business plan is important as it represents the your thoughts before
business startup and will serve as a guide as the business grows.
A business plan can also help you raise money from potential investors
as it shows That you have critically thought and planned what you
intend to do in Business.
I have written an outline of a typical business plan click the link to
download the outline.
Remember proper planning prevents poor performance.

to be continued

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Shine Your Light don't Hide it's Shine

A friend of mine wrote this and shared it on Whatsapp and ever since
it has got me thinking Read on and find out why !!!
You heard he is a cultist. You could not believe it, you said "He is
so young. He is just 16 and in SS1". Now, you have seen him –
marijuana parting his lips, a tattooed snake on his arm and in his
hand is a bottle of beer. You heard him say that his favorite date is
the 7th of July, and you assumed that was his birthday. You stood afar
and criticized him, you told your friends that hell awaits him, you
shook your head and said to yourself, "He is already doomed". But you
do not know that within the "bad, hard guy" lies a fragile, aching
heart wanting to be loved and showed a little care. Now, he only finds
solace in his gang because his dad and mom are on the brink of
She knocked on your door asking to help you do anything for food or
money. She looked so unkempt and malnourished. You were torn between
pity and disbelief. You …

Newspaper Headlines today

(✓) Lacasera sacks 700 workers.

(✓) Student union leaders budget #1.8m for phone calls.

(✓) EFCC reopens probe in to immigration job scandal.

(✓) Police beat up our members, stopped us from celebrating
anniversary - MASSOB.

(✓) Under Buhari, APC Nigeria evidently heading to economic doldrums - PDP.

(✓) Treasury single account: MDAs rush to beat today's deadline.

(✓) Perm Secs seeks support for NYSC foundation.

(✓) Rotary club, commences #550m hospital building...urges Nigerians
to donate their eyes.

(✓) APC raises campaign council for Kogi November 21 governorship poll.

(✓) Adeleke varsity raises hope on cure for liver disease.

♡#Did you know: Coca-cola would be green if the food colorant wasn't added♡.

☞ Sources: The Punch,Vanguard,The guardian,Hallmarknews.

Words on Marble: If you don't willfully climb out of a pit, you may be
stuck in there forever.

Hard Work Pays (1)

Babe Ruth said it's hard to beat a person who never gives up. Alafia
Gbadebo, a young entrepreneur who started making millions at age 21,
the founder of Strands Event Company, shares how it all
started.(Culled from Daily Independent Newspaper)
"I started off with a trade fair when I was still a student at UNILAG.
That was seven years ago. I realised that immediately schools resume,
students go to different places to get their school needs. If you want
clothes, you go to Yaba; if you want a laptop, you go to the Computer
Village in Ikeja; if you want electronics for your room, you go to
Alaba market, in Lagos. I thought instead of students going all around
Lagos buying things, why couldn't the companies bring their products
to the school and be in one place within the school. Also, I know that
students do not have high purchasing power; so, when I was to start,
the aim was that exhibitors should sell their wares and services to
students at low prices or at discounted rates…

From A One-room Company To A Mega Company (1)

Here is a story of a woman, Ononye Chioma, MD of Ranks West Africa
Limited (a food processing Company) and how she built Ranks West
Africa Limited from scratch to a highly competitive brand.
Ononye Chioma, a graduate of Applied micro-biology shares her
challenges, how she started,and her dreams in a story I got from The
Sun Newspaper, Titled "I started my business from one room -
Chioma,Ranks W/Africa", published on September 12,2015 and I want to
share it with you. Today,the company can boast of over seven products
and large staff strength but it all started in a one room apartment,10
years ago.
When asked about how she started her company. She said "I started
searching for jobs like most graduate in Nigeria, after I graduated in
2002 and completed my youth service in Kogi State. I applied to
several places but nothing was forthcoming. Later, I was employed in a
food processing company as the quality control manager, or so I
thought. Unknown to me that the company in q…

Sources Of Business Capital (4)

This is the concluding part of Sources of business capital. In an
article written by Ola Emmanuel,he explained 14 feasible sources of
capital for your business and we've touched eleven out of it. The
remaining three are below.
There are small finance firms that assist micro businesses with funds.
They are known as Cottage fund providers. In he's word " They are
small finance firms that provide funds for micro businesses. You may
not be able to access more than N500,000 from such firms."
In Bank equity participation, the bank provide equity fund for a
medium scale business as a part owner. Ola said " Here, a bank can
provide equity fund for a medium scale business as a part owner. The
bank may choose to partake in the running of the business, and may
hands off immediately the business pays back the fund."
You can also ask your bank for credit for a specified period,its
called Term loan. Ola Emmanuel explained "This is different from bank
overdraft. In t…

Why You Should Be A Business Person (1)

If you are the type that like freedom,if you want to be your own boss
or calling the shots. If you want to set your life or if you enjoy
working at your schedule. I think this article is for you.
I came across this piece and I want to share it with you. The title is
He said "Over the past seven years of counselling young people on
business related issues, one question has kept recurring: is it better
to own business or to work for other people? There are no easy answers
because circumstances are usually not the same; but few satisfactions
should throw some light.
In the United States of America entrepreneurs represent 99.7% of all
employers. I believe very sincerely that Nigerian has come to a point
where there should be no job seekers and unemployed people. There
should always be people who will provide the jobs. We are redefining
what being a role model in Daystar, by being entrepreneurs. Being an
entrepreneur is bei…

Requirements For Registration/Mobilization Of Prospective NYSC Batch B Corp members

This is to inform all prospective corps members, i.e. Nigerians who have graduated from Universities and Mono/
Polytechnics both at home and abroad that the NYSC On-line registration portal will be opened from Tuesday 8th
September to Friday 9th October, 2015 to enable them register for the 2015 Batch 'B' mobilization.
In order to ensure a seamless registration, prospective corps members are to note the following for strict compliance:
1. The Website address is any of the following:
2. Prospective Corps members should ensure that they have val functional e-mail addresses that they can
access and Nigerian (GSM) telephone numbers with which to register.
3. Locally trained prospective Corps members are expected to use correct JAMB and Matriculation numbers to register
4. For locally-trained graduates, only those whose names appear in the Senate/Academic Board Approved Result lists
submitted by their Institutions will …

Important News for Prospective NYSC (2015 Batch B) 15B Corp Members

If u know anybody that will be serving this October,pls tell d person to rush now & register online at
Its no longer business as usual,U will have d option of choosing 3 states of your choice from 3 different geopolitical zones of which u are likely 2b posted to 1 of them. Once a state is filled up, it wil be removed 4 possible selection. 1st come 1st serve at d state of ur choice.
All you need is to ensure that you have valid and functional e-mail addresses that they can
access and Nigerian (GSM) telephone numbers with which to register.The portal will be open till 9th October 2015
for more information visit


For most product their is always an expiring date, which means that
after that date it is taged not useful.

Salvation is not going to be of any use after death for it is written
" it is appointed for man to die once after which is jugdement. It has
expired salvation

Or when Christ comes in His glory (rapture) to take his beloved " the
saints" you cannot accept him after then .... it has expired.

Note... if you are still toiling with sin, please accept Jesus today
and let it not expire in your hand.

Your Uniqueness is your strength

There is so much competition out there in the world of things, but in
reality, and in destiny, there is no competition, because we are all
very different people, there can't just be a specific standard for
such comparison. But admitting to the competition, you may ask, how
does one survive?

Well, whether or not there is competition, one thing is sure: YOUR
STRENGTH IS IN YOUR UNIQUENESS. Your uniqueness is what makes you who
you are, what makes you stand out, and what will make people chose
you, among all else. Your uniqueness is your identity; losing it is
losing your existence. Thou shalt not lose it.
Today's challenge: be bold, be yourself, and champion that thing about
you that makes you different from the others. That is what the world
will come after.


Top News Headlines

(✓) DSS screens Buhari's ministerial nominees.

(✓) Power outage stops Senate power probe.

(✓) Protest rocks UNILAG over first-class student's electrocution.

(✓) Army frees 128 Boko Haram suspects.

(✓) Harassment of PDP leaders is Buhari's achievement - Fayose.

(✓) Chibok girls dispersed, some married off and appointing ministers
tough, says Buhari

(✓) Shake up in Nigeria Navy: New Focs, Psos appointed; 61 others redeployed.

(✓) DHQ: Nigerian Troops Have Destroyed All Boko Haram Camps.

(✓) Abuja, Lagos,other to Experience Lunar Eclipse on September 28.

(✓) Aregbesola promises to pay workers before Sallah.

☞ Sources: The Punch, Vanguard Newspaper, Thisday live,The Cable.

~Words on Marble: 'Don't sing 'Standing on the Promises' if all you
are doing is sitting on the premises -- Sam Adeyemi.

★★ ★★ [Primo_Ent.]★★ ★★

Sources Of Business Capital (3)

Ola Emmanuel added other options you can use to fund your new
business. He went on,
He said Bank overdraft "is when you are allowed to overdraw your bank
account for a specific period to carry out a project" and this option
is "available for people with active bank accounts."
Ola elaborated on equipment leasing/financing,he said "Besides regular
equipment leasing companies, Nigerian banks are daily coming up with
different project finance packages where you can be advanced money
without encumbrances. What they want is a convincing flow of fund into
your bank account."
He explained Money Contribution among colleagues,he said, it is the
use of power of numbers to make money available for the use of members
on rotational basis.
He suggested getting in touch with Daily contribution operators,
"These operators provide cheap funds to finance lucrative and viable
To be continued...

Top Newspaper Headlines

(✓) We'll never hang Buhari's portrait in our offices - PDP.

(✓) Buhari may reduce foreign missions...President considers pruning
119 Foreign mission to cut cost.

(✓) NLC,TUC want death penalty for looters.

(✓) Pipeline security: Soldiers to replace ex-militants.

(✓) Nigeria is built on Satanic foundation, says Fani-Kayode.

(✓) Power: Obasanjo, Yar'Adua, Jonathan spent #2.74trn in 16 years.

(✓) FRC wants Buhari to set borrowing limits for all tiers of Govt.

(✓) Obasanjo calls for International efforts to stop African youths
from emigrating to Europe.

(✓) Nigerian troops nab Major Boko Haram drugs and logistics suppliers.

(✓) Ekiti may abolish free education,holds summit.

☞ Sources: The Punch, Vanguard Newspaper, Thisday live.

~Words on Marble: When your program is right on time with God's
program, miracles happen. You will experience triumph without threat
-- Sam Adeyemi.

★★ ★★ [Primo_Ent.]★★ ★★


Not getting enough capital from a credible source to finance your
business can be a problem and can cause a set back. So I will be
talking on ways to get cash for your small scale business. In an
article written by Ola Emmanuel,"14 feasible sources of capital for
your business" published in The punch Newspaper of October 9,2013, he
made mention of 14 sources to get capital for your venture. In
continuation of what we started sometimes ago;
Private (equity) placement is another way to raise capital. You allow
private placement of funds. In Ola's word " You may call for private
placement of funds in your business. Such funds are equity funds
whereby the private investors own shares in the business. They may opt
out of the business by selling their shares later."
You can approach money lenders. He said "There are some individuals
within communities who engage in money lending. You may not know about
them until you ask people, especially community leaders.&quo…

Plan Ahead, Have a Splendid Week

A school of thought believes that proper planning prevents poor performance.
Planning for a splendid week may involve writing down your daily and hourly targets (meetings, shopping, and tasks).
A dairy is perfect for this if available but if not you can use your notebook, notepad on your PC, note in your phones organizer/calendar/Todo list.
It is necessary because memory recall is not always effective,and so that you won't miss an important event, activity or precise instruction.Hab 2vs2
You too can employ a personal assistant put your pen or gadgets to use.
Have a wonderful week.

Plan Ahead, Have a Splendid Week

A school of thought believes that proper planning prevents poor performance.
Planning for a splendid week may involve writing down your daily and hourly targets (meetings, shopping, and tasks).
A dairy is perfect for this if available but if not you can use your notebook, notepad on your PC, note in your phones organizer/calendar/Todo list.
It is necessary because memory recall is not always effective,and so that you won't miss an important event, activity or precise instruction.Hab 2vs2
You too can employ a personal assistant put your pen or gadgets to use.
Have a wonderful week.

Major News Headlines

☞ Top News:

(✓) #4bn uncovered in 470 accounts,says El-Rufai.

(✓) PMB may be Africa's least corrupt leader - Report.

(✓) Assets declaration: Govs refuse τ̲̅ȍ emulate PMB, Osinbajo.

(✓) Investors lose #1.6trn in first 100 days of Buhari tenure.

(✓) NNPC begins recovery of $9.6billion owed Nigeria.

(✓) Presidency: Boko Haram may fall before deadline.

(✓) Reports: Absence of cabinet hurting Nigerian economy.

(✓) Tambuwal pledges review of corps members' allowances.

(✓) Nnamani, ex-Enugu gov,loses wife.

(✓) NANS tell Buhari: You have disappointed us in your 100 days in office.

☞ Sources: The Punch,Vanguard, Thisday live,Premiumo Times,The
Guardian,The Sun,Royal Times Newspaper
~ Words on Marble: Whoever works, however very hard, without a plan,
is like a ship without a compass that is driving very hard but has no
direction -- Sam Adeyemi.

★★ ★★ [Primo_Ent.] ★★ ★★

Sources of Capital (1)

Drawing a good business plan with no capital to execute it can be
frustrating. To get your business off the ground, you need a start-up
capital. There are ways to finance your business.
In an article titled: "14 feasible sources of capital for your
business" by Ola Emmanuel which was published on October 9, 2013 in
The Punch Newspaper,the writer discussed 14 ways to raise cash for
He made mention of networking groups. He said "Networking groups may
include financing of members' businesses in their activities.
Where this is the case, members can approach such a group to raise
money for business."
According to Ola, Entrepreneurs can get cash through GIP i.e
Guaranteed interest payment,which is based on the agreement to pay
certain percentage as interest per annum. He continued "There are some
individuals who provide capital for businesses on agreement to pay
guaranteed percentage as interest per annum. These fund providers are
not interested in bec…

Why You Need A Mentor-mentee Relationship

Having a solid mentor can help you in your career,with information to
fast track your learning and reduce trial and error method.

Lack of experience can ruin it for you when you are just starting out
but you can limit your mistakes by finding a mentor.

The Cambridge Online Dictionary defines a mentor as "a person who
gives a younger or less experienced person help and advice over a
period of time,especially at work or school." , expands on that and put it this way "In today's
competitive landscape a mentoring relationship can give you an edge
that differentiates you from your peers and/or your competition."

A mentor is often in a position you are aspiring to attain and has
influence and connections that can help you advance your career.

What Your Mentor Can Do For You.

Katharine Hansen, Ph.D, talks about what mentors can
do "Your mentor can help you assess your strengths and weaknesses, as
well as help you develop skills for…

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How To Be A Sought-After Professional

Building a unique brand is essential in landing a good job and it helps to improve professional standing. Having a rare brand creates professional Opportunities.

A brand is anything that distinguish one thing from another. Personal branding is all about self-packaging,how you promote yourself. It's about marketing your personalities as products. It's about how you market your career as brands. It is the impression you make on others,employers. Self packaging makes your brand to be known and sought after by employers.

» leads to a better Job.

» gives visibility and credibility.

» leads to better contacts and connections.

Social media is virtual but it affects real world and it can land you, your dream job. Connect with influencer's. Have updated profile on professional site like LinkedIn. Sign up on Facebook and Twitter.

My Friend don't be another face in the crowd. Standout from the competition.

Au revoir!!!

Day 2: Action: Take It (Everything for success series)

Definition of action:
A manner, process, or method of performing an act or deed; habitual or vigorous activity or energy; movement; motion; a force that causes change.
Say It
As you speak the following phrases, believe and embrace them. Visualize yourself having what you state—possess it. Notice how your voice and body respond to each “I” statement:
• I acknowledge the things I need to take action on in my life.
• I possess the attitude and skills needed to take action.
• I am proactive.
• I am consciously acting upon my thoughts and producing the desired outcomes.
• I am winning in life by turning my attitude into action.