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Admission Admission Admission!!!!

Kabba college of Agriculture Ahmadu Bello university/Division of Agricultural colleges. Km 2 Ilorin Road,Kabba, Kogi state  Applications are invited from suitably qualified candidates for Admission into the Higher National Diploma (HND), National Diploma (ND), Preliminary National Diploma (Pre-ND) and Certificate Course in the following Programmes:-  HIGHER NATIONAL DIPLOMA PROGAMMES Higher National Diploma Agricultural Extension and Management Higher National Diploma Crop Protection Technology Higher National Diploma Horticulture and Landscape Technology All Candidates seeking Admission into any of our Higher National Diploma Programs must possess certificate in National Diploma in Agricultural Technology, Agricultural Engineering Technology, Animal Health and Production, Home and Rural Economics or relevant NCE qualifications from recognized institutions NATIONAL DIPLOMA PROGRAMMES National Diploma Agricultural Technology National Diploma Horticulture Technology Entry requirements into Nation…
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Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) Essay Competition for Senior Secondary School Students, 2016

The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) is pleased to announce the
commencement of the 2016 edition of its annual Essay Competition. ",
"Building a Sustainable Capital Market", is one of the Exchange's
financial literacy and inclusion initiatives aimed at building a
financially savvy generation.
Essay Topic:
What is the biggest obstacle to saving and investing money and how can
The Nigerian Stock Exchange help?
Essay Deadline is
October 14, 2016.
To download the form simply click

To submit your form Send your completed entry form/essay via e-mail to
For more information on prizes and offers
check out


It was indeed a historic day. A day that has been anticipated for four
long years. A day that has generated much quarrels and dispute. A day,
the only day, when sovereignty truly belongs to the people. On this
day, we saw men, women, young and old marching to the same location to
choose between 'change' and 'continuity', the umbrella or the broom.
It was the 28th day of March, a Saturday, the Election Day. And
coincidentally, my birthday.
An election means different things to different people. To a
politician, it's a battle that must not be lost. A thug sees a festive
season while an INEC official perceives the opportunity to make their
retirement gratuity in one day. However, to a man who earns his daily
bread tilling the ground, an election and its succeeding transition
holds no meaning if it does not makes his wilting crops greener. Of
what use is a barren new wife? Of what use is the transition in
government if it does not translate to more birds in his pen, mo…


If you like delaying , heming and hawing, hesitating, lingering,
loitering , meandering, moseying, moving slowly, procrastinating,
vacillating about your visions and mission all you Will gain
eventually is helping someone else who hates this thing achieve
His/Her dreams.
AT the staggering pace of the Nigerian economy one sure way to live
above financial penury is to add value to any good or Service. You
don't have to own millions before you do neither expect Governments
instructions Ask The Father He will grant you identity and success on
your path.
"The servant who knows what his master wants and ignores it, or
insolently does whatever he pleases, will be thoroughly thrashed. But
if he does a poor job through ignorance, he'll get off with a slap on
the hand. Great gifts mean great responsibilities; greater gifts,
greater responsibilities! Luke 9vs28 MSG

Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might; for there is
no work, nor device, nor knowledge, nor wisdom, …


When you became a follower of Jesus, you were "born again" (John 3:3).
Can you imagine being a newborn baby just coming home, and your
parents left you alone on the floor, giving you no food, milk, clean
diapers, or love? That would be terrible!
The Church -- Not a Building,But People As a physical family makes
sure you get fed and loved. The church your local group of believers
will encourage and guide you as you grow spiritually.
One of the most important things your church does is remind you often
of the main points of the gospel, Jesus Christ died to pay the prize
for our sins and rose again to show His power over death.
Everyone who
has by faith received God's free gift is forgiven of their sins and
becomes God's child,Jesus lives in each believer today through His
Holy Spirit, giving them power to live a God-pleasing life.
The Church is a Team Not only do YOU need the church, but the church
needs YOU! Imagine a soccer team where everyone wanted to be the

Check out some pictures of the Old and New Vincent Enyeama and hubby

When I saw this pictures this Bible verse came to my mind
For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall
speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will
surely come, it will not tarry.

Anyways The couple wedding anniversary is every 24th of June, so let's
wish them a happy wedding anniversary in Advance.
Tough times don't last only though people do.

News Flash Nigerian Labour Congress NLC suspends Strike

A tweet from Sahara Report reports that the NLC has suspended the
nationwide strike,and the Union is resume dialogue with Nigerian
government over hike in fuel price.