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In Between fried fish & fornication!

Many years ago, during one of my holiday periods in the University, I had to travel back to the school environment in order to pick up a critical document I left behind in my campus room. At this time, the entire campus environ was almost totally dry as most students had travelled home, leaving most of the halls of residence (including mine) completely empty. As I was still re-counting my ordeal, I suddenly saw a very good female Christian friend of mine (Abike) who had been longing to see someone with whom she could share some of the loneliness and boredom of the season. We both walked up to her residence where she was rounding off a delicacy of Fried Fish and Plantain. Abike then asked me to escort her briefly to a cybercaf√© before coming back to eat. Unfortunately, we individually got carried away with the internet and had to walk back late in the night. That was my set up ! Abike clung to my shoulders (while I held on to my spirit man so holi…